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Release of the exchange rate EUR-CHF by the Swiss National Bank SNB: Introduction of CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor)! Freight

As you already know form the media, this Swiss National Bank has given up the previous enforcement of minimum exchange rate CHF to EUR with immediate effect last week.

The loss in value of the Euro against the Swiss franc by more than 20% as a result, meets a Swiss company such as IMS RAIL Switzerland AG in full hardness.
Als Anbieter internationaler Bahntransportleistungen fakturieren wir unsere Dienstleistungen zum Großteil in Euro.
As a provider of international rail transports, we charge our services mainly in Euro.
Carrying the name of our country Switzerland in our brand, for us is also a commitment to engage not only all our employees to Swiss wages but also to - despite the geographically limited small number of domestic transport kilometres- keep an added value in the Switzerland.
So almost the half part of our international trains is provided by Swiss partners, which we pay in CHF.

Due to the recent performance of our national currency compared to the Euro, we are forced, as a Swiss company, to purchase these services more than 20% higher overnight.

To offer our services also in the future in reliable and Swiss quality to you, we have to compensate our rates as per 26.01.2014 with a so-called CAF. The CAF, which will be only charged for services purchased in Switzerland and paid by us in CHF, (e.g. Terminal charges, Shunting, …..), is to compensate the differences from the exchange rate distortions. Of course, the agreed prices for the basic service in EUR are not touched.

The CAF will be newly calculated each month, adjusted accordingly and reported separately on the invoice.

Basis of the CAF is an exchange rate of 1.20 CHF-EUR.

Under  you can view the current exchange rate.

For any further information please contact our team.

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