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Abolishment of the free trade zone Hamburg as per 01.01.2013 Freight

As per 1st of January 2013 the free trade zone in Hamburg will be abolished.

We want to inform you about the changes in the process of operations and the customs.

To avoid problems while the change and to become acquainted to the new processes there is an official transitional period from the 1st till 31st of December 2012.
For all containers getting cleared in Hamburg (regardless of the terminal) which are arriving as from the 1st of December the new seaport customs law is applying already analogue to the procedure at CTA.
Every container requires an ATB-number as from this moment on, which must be presented obligatorily to IMS for the rail dispatch. This applies to the handling for free circulation and as well as to the issuing of a transit procedure (NCTS/T1-procedure). Only after complete customs release a dispatch per rail can take place.

As from 1st of December containers without ATB number cannot get forwarded.

Concerning the export there are no changes in the customs procedure.
To ensure a smooth dispatch of your containers we need the ATB-numbers on the basis of the shipping company release order (ATB issuing).

For the initiation of a subsequent-dispatch procedure (NCTS-procedure) the presentation of the ATB number is essential as well for 2013.

For the smooth running of the import containers we definitely need the ATB-list that you can request from the shipping company.
This is, especially for consolidated container, necessary because the ATB-list is used as a basis for the NCTS input.

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