For many european countries Hamburg, as the major northern port, is the main access to the world's oceans.
Our intermodal train system are designed to operate from and to Hamburg in optimal frequencies and transit times.

Please note this information concerning the pick up of containers in Hamburg and our also our news concering the termination of the free port.

Below please find our connections to and from Hamburg:

ACS - Austria Container Shuttle * (AT-Enns and AT-Vienna)Freight our shuttle train connection for container transports between the German seaports Hamburg/Bremerhaven on the one hand and the Combi Cargo terminals Wien Freudenau and Enns Hafen on the other hand.

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Hamburg Rail Service AustriaFreight

From Hamburg to the ecomomic center of Salzburg.

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Hamburg Rail Service GermanyFreight

High frequency departures guarantee optimum transit times.
From Hamburg/Bremerhaven to all business centers in Germany.
Munich, Ulm, Mannheim, Frankfurt/Main, Kornwestheim, N├╝rnberg

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Hamburg Rail Service HungaryFreight

Shuttle trains from Hamburg to the Pusta.
Go with us to Hungary!

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For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.