Hamburg Rail Service Hungary Freight

With shuttle trains, we connect Hamburg to the economic centers of Hungary.

Advanced Containerlogistics.

With shuttletrains we serve the following terminals in Hungary:


With these shuttle trains we achieve a optimized utilization. This, in turn is having positive effects onto the frequenzy and prices

Train in Train

The Hamburg Rail Service sees itself as a slot train. This means, that we operate on these trains with own slots, and we're happy to provide, even partially, these slots to your disposal.

Another advantage is our short time in transit from Hamburg to the hungarian Hinterland-terminals.

Your benefits

IMS owned Slots which are commercialize by IMS, there are no influences of other companies

An according to the demands of the market sensitively tailored aggregate product including additional services

One-stop-shopping by a serie of connected services as well as interfaces with the terminals, customs-service, truckings and many more

Specially trained employees with know-how and years of experience in the area of container traffic

Traction organized by certified and proofed partners

Own branches in the ports



A total of 12 departures per week

Time in transit A-C as shuttle

Tightly calculated cancellation times at the terminals

Time Tables

Hamburg Rail Service Budapest

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