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IMS expands its network to Hungary and Greece Freight

The neutral container operator IMS expands with 29.06.2015 the intermodal network to the east to Sopron and Budapest.

"With 6 departures per week and a capacity of 550 TEU, we have from this date a cost-effective connection for the terminals Sopron and Budapest Bilk from Vienna Freudenau.", explains Mario Gruber, CSO of IMS.

"The Terminal Vienna acts as a hub for our other international trains, thus Hungary is connected to the entire network of the IMS. For example, shipments from the northern and western ports, but also the southern ports to Hungary are possible. Also connected are important continental terminals in Austria and Germany, such as Enns, Duisburg, Herne and many more."

Since 01.06.2015 the terminal Sindos in Greece is, also via Vienna, connected to the IMS network.

"Our range is thus extended to the east and to the south, we can now offer a greatly expanded and sophisticated network for intermodal transport our customers." says Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS.

Please find our flyer here.

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