Environmentally friendly solutions for intermodal transport in Europe Freight

Environmental protection is a matter of course for us, and we promote this with sustainability.
So the paperless office is not vision but reality in parts.

All incoming documents are digitally processed and are thus for all employees available on fingertips. Also, the entire e-mail traffic is not printed, but automatically assigned to the orders .
This not only protects our forests but also increases the efficiency.

We set standards, also off the track

With our project E-billing, which we implemented in the second quarter of 2010, we go one step further.
We send our customers invoices in digital form. So there is no need to print them due to the digital, and therefore legal safe, signature. Simply saved them to disk for further processing.
The data stream to acquire in integrated systems such as SAP, we generate likewise.
Our Tractor units meet the current needs and meet at least all the EURO 5 norm

Due to our high frequency Train systems we are saving thousands of tonnes of CO2per year.

Help us to keep our environment clean

Rely on IMS!

The following is a summary of the emissions of different transport modes:

Further Information to the calculations.