Solutions for special transports Freight

As we are a full-service-provider we have of course the appropriate solutions for your special transports too.
With our own special-equipment (plateau, low loader and dumping chassis) we can meet every requirement and can handle all consignements regardless of the dimensions.

Advanced Containerlogistics.

Well trained stuff with experience will answer all your questions concerning this topic. Special permissions and escort vehicles can be organized and provided by us.

Reliable, fast, professional

We are able to offer mobile cranes as well up to a loading limit of 200 tons, which can be supplied if the situation is critical within several hours.

Your benefits

IMS-owned car pool of 20 tractor units and 60 chassis, including tip-, multi- and slider chassis

All trucks are equipped with satellite positioning

IMS owned B3-chassis for all ADR classes

Subcontractors, who are employed by IMS constantly

The planning is done by well-trained IMS employees

Own CMR insurance for all our transports

Environmentally friendly

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.