Solutions for combined transport Freight

We can offer you for your container not only the pure rail freight, but also the last mile by Siding traffic or truck.

For combined transport via the terminals in Vienna, Enns/Linz, Wolfurt and Budapest we have with our IMS owned fleet flexible and cost-effective options, and even with all the other major terminals, we have a broad network of partners truck.

Advanced Containerlogistics.

…this is valid as well for any other individual transport and therefore beyond a plain international railfreight.
We offer you much more!

In the sector truck transports you can trust on a high quality service produced by IMS.
The decision to offer our clients an advance in quality compaired to their competitors by our own truck fleet, was a full success. On top IMS is employing in this field approx. 45 subcontractors, which are covering the so called „overflow“ (this is how we call the transports, which we cannot arrange with our own vehicles in peak seasons) of truckings.

Europe wide

We offer these services at all strategically important european terminals. .

Your benefits

IMS-owned car pool of 20 tractor units and 60 chassis, including tip-, multi- and slider chassis

All trucks are equipped with satellite positioning

IMS owned B3-chassis for all ADR classes

Subcontractors, who are employed by IMS constantly

The planning is done by well-trained IMS employees

Own CMR insurance for all our transports

Environmentally friendly

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.