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Press Release # 35

IMS with record year 2014

Vienna, 19 January 2015

With over 216,000 transported TEU and a consolidated turnover of EUR 48,2 milion the 2014 financial year ends for the IMS group.

"We were able, despite the difficult environment on many routes, to increase our volumes compared to 2013 significantly.", says Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS. "An increase of 26% compared to 2013 fills me with pride and prove, we are on the right track. All of our country organizations were able to increase their volume. "

"The turnover increased only slightly 4%, that illustrates the problem of the industry over the recent years. With rising costs of energy, route and energy, the revenues stagnate."

Even 2015 will be certainly, from the perspective of combined transport, again a difficult year. Based on the ongoing euro crisis and the associated restraint in consumption, we can not assumed that there will be significant increases in 2015.

"As in the past years, especially in Austria but also in Switzerland, the shift of market shares will held. On the revenue side, the trend of the recent years is continuing, so cost increases in the transport sector could not be passed or only in part. As headword we only want to mention the new EEG levy in Germany. But IMS is well positioned also for 2015, staffed as well operationally.", Tomassovich is positive tempered.


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