Severe weather in southern Germany

Last weekend there were severe storms with heavy rainfall in southern Germany.
As you have probably already read in the media, or are directly affected by it, there were dam failures, flooded cellars etc.. Of course, rail freight transport was not spared either, with tracks being flooded and undermined, for example.

As a result, trains had to stop on the tracks and have not yet been allowed to depart again.
The Augsburg, Munich and Ulm terminals are currently not accessible due to the above mentioned restrictions.
The Kornwestheim terminal cannot be approached either, but this is due to cable theft in the access road to the terminal.
It is not yet clear what the exact effects will be. However, there will definitely be disruptions.

As a result of the delays and the resulting concentration of departures, the infrastructure in the seaports will again be overloaded and handling delays will occur at the northern terminals.
As always, our operations department will inform you which orders are affected.

Please note that loading deadlines and closings cannot be guaranteed.

With regard to deadlines, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions: "Delivery deadlines or fixed dates cannot be guaranteed. These presuppose unhindered transportation conditions on the railways and also in road traffic”.
We thank you for your understanding and are available to answer any questions you may have at any time at

03.06.2024 11:12:12

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