Adjustment of the Infrastructure surcharge from June 2024

Over the past few months, rail transport conditions have gradually deteriorated further for a variety of reasons.
Massive delays at the seaport terminals have repeatedly led to loading interruptions and handling congestion in recent weeks and months. As a result, trains had to be rescheduled. In addition, various, increasingly unplanned construction activities on DB InfraGO's north-south routes, as well as in the seaports, are also hampering operations.

These are no longer isolated incidents, but are now becoming the norm. The resulting additional costs, which cannot be planned for, are no longer covered by our current infrastructure surcharge.
We are therefore forced to increase the infrastructure surcharge at short notice from 01.06.2024 to
EUR 18.00 per TEU and transport direction.

Please note that the current surcharge also continues to include compensation for the reduced train path subsidy.

We thank you for your understanding and are available to answer any questions you may have at any time at

29.05.2024 11:40:06

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