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Measures to stem the Corona virus in Austria

The federal government has drastically tightened the measures once again in the fight against the spread of the corona virus. An "exit restriction" was pronounced for all of Austria today.
We will therefore put our emergency program, which has already been prepared in advance, into force at the two locations in Vienna from 16.03.2020.

This means that from this date on we will be converting a majority of the jobs to home offices.
Operational operations are not affected by this change, but there may be slightly longer response times for telephone inquiries. We therefore ask you to switch the communication to email.

We are aware of our responsibility to you, but also to our employees, which is why we consider this measure to be useful.

As we expect the measures to be tightened further, unfortunately we cannot make any specific statements at the current time as to whether there will be any restrictions in rail or truck traffic.
We will keep you informed.

15.03.2020 18:27:49

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