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Container inbalance surcharge

Due to the persistent mismatch between weak import and strong export on our train systems, not all import trains can be produced in a cost-effective manner providing the full export capacity.

In order to counteract this situation economically and avoid cancellations of trains, we are forced to charge as from now a container inbalance surcharge (CIS) of EUR 50 per TEU to Hamburg / Bremerhaven.

The CIS is a simple, fair and predictable mechanism that provides our customers with clarity in planning their supply chains for the current shift in the flow of goods.

The method of approach will be done weekly and will be announced at least 10 days in advance to facilitate your disposition.

The first charging will be made for containers with disposal in CW 19/2019.

We hope for your understanding for this measure and are available for further requests.

26.04.2019 13:17:08

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