IMS CARGO Austria GmbH got AEO certified

Since 08.03.2017, IMS CARGO Austria GmbH has been certified as AEO-FULL status (AEOC / AEOS) as a licensed economic operator.

Certification no. AT AEOF 171C0H34

Against the background of growing security and the protection of global supplier chains, the World Customs Organization has developed standards for secure worldwide trade.

An important component is the AEO certification. These requirements are now completely fulfilled by IMS .

For example, standards for the security of the goods or protection against unauthorized access by third parties to the goods, to the personnel inspection, to the company access assurance and data security, as well as further protection and security measures to comply with existing antiterrorism regulations.

With the AEO certification, IMS CARGO Austria GmbH demonstrates the reliability and trustworthiness and benefits from the simplifications of approved simplified procedures in the customs clearance, which you will benefit as our customer due the shortened response and reaction times.

23.03.2017 10:21:39

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