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TriCon Export- Pre-delivery stop

Due to the strong terminal utilization which is caused by exceeding the quota by all contract partners, TriCon is forced to tighten the currently existing advance delivery stop for export from shipping day + 1.

28.09.2022 08:48:21


Disruptions in Hamburg and Bremerhaven Disruptions in Hamburg and Bremerhaven

We would like to inform you that there will be disruptions to operations at the terminals in Hamburg and Bremerhaven on Thursday, 23.06.2022, from 07:00 to 24.06.2022 07:00 (24 hours).

23.06.2022 06:57:49


Delivery restrictions HHLA Terminals Hamburg

The delivery restrictions for Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA), which have been in place for some time, remain in force.

28.03.2022 09:50:57


Operational restrictions in the Port of Hamburg

Again, there are handling backlogs at the rail terminals in Hamburg due to high volumes and utilization of storage capacities, currently the backlog is up to 30 hours.

29.11.2021 12:06:11


Suspension of railway operations in Hamburg / power failure

Due to a power failure in the Port of Hamburg, all shunting operations have been suspended since October 28, 2021 at 1:00 p.m., and trains cannot enter or leave the port.

28.10.2021 19:31:03


Restriction of rail traffic in the Port of Hamburg

Due to a capacity bottleneck at the port of Hamburg, as a result of several construction works and the effects of storm Ignatz, the HPA Hamburg cannot accpet any more trains

25.10.2021 10:35:07


Construction work at Container Terminal Burchardkai and Container Terminal Tollerort

From 20.10.2021, a construction project will begin to renew the container parking areas in the area of the station at the Container Terminal Burchardkai.

19.10.2021 09:31:33


Total closure Bremen-Sebaldsbrück Week 25/26

From Friday, 25/06/2021, 23.00 hours until probably Friday, 02/07/2021, 23.00 hours there will be a total closure of the route Bremen-Sebaldsbrück due to explosive ordnance detection in the context of extensive works for the deconstruction of infrastructure.

24.06.2021 11:09:45